About us
Duo laboratories is the manufacturer  of Free to Air  satellite receivers under Duosat® brand.

At Duosat®, customer satisfaction is our top priority,  by the use of innovative technology, we are  able to offer a superio product rich in features and functionality at the right price. With  strategic partnership with sister companies  we offer  the highest quality products with compatible pricing wich will ensure continued succes and satisfaction o four customers well into the future.

We Value the input o four customers and will constantly strive to meet the demands o four  loyal customers. We will continue to set the bar to wich all others will be measured.

Duo laboratories understands  that the success only can be completed by achieving the total customer satisfaction. Duosat® promises total customer satisfaction  through continuos product research and development along with life time guaranteed support and services to stand venid our promise. We ask our customers to keep in mind that Duosat® door is always left open for our customers opinions and suggestions.

Why Duosat®?
Duosat® is the last frontier  of digital multimedia set top boxes in Standard definition or high definition.

Internet connectivity
Differently from others, Duosat offers advanced network solution, in wired or wireless module in all receivers.

Dual Tuner
The Standard definition technology applied to low cost receivers Hill not allow the handling of two DVB tuners simultaneously. Duosat® thanks to the high technology embedded provided by Duo laboratories  experience Hill allow to switch from two different  tuners at the same time.
The configuration can be DVB-S or DVB-S2 just depend of model.

Time machine®
This  function Hill allow to  stop rewind or forward live  incoming programs, just plug an flash drive , and  you Hill allow to  pause  and continue to match  any time!

Exclusive Genre sort system
With this function  you dont need to separate the favourite list, dont lose your time we  will do for you! All channel will automatically separated by genre to be easy to browse between channels.

Exclusive automatic parental control
Do not worry about violence or  adult  channels, the exclusive parental control  the programs that coming with +18 category will auto censores by duosat receiver,(able to be disabled)

Exclusive Channel update
The channel changad from original trasponder?, do not worry, the AI( artificial inteligence ) of all Duosat products will automatically research for the channel if moved to another trasponder!

Life time support
Duo laboratories asure the lifetime support for all duosat products, the difference between others, we will never stop the support!

We hear you!
Duo laboratories allways hear you!, your opinion counts  for us!
We have a team ready to accompany your  needs,  you can suggest new functions, and we will study the possibility to  enable this suggestion on  new softwares!
You are the most important for us!


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